Rekindle Your Wild Joy and Deep Belonging to the Earth

Audre Lorde on original authority May 31, 2010

Among the arcane delights in my tiny cottage are a fat file of poetry admired & collected over the years, and another fat collection of photos I’ve taken myself.

Here begin the artistic sandwiches.


What If? – (The Million-and-First Meditation and the Last)

What if we smashed the mirrors

And saw our true face?

What if we left the Sacred Books to the worms

And found our True Mind?

What if we burned the wooden Buddhas?

Gave the stone Buddhas back to the mountains?

Dispersed the gurus with a great laugh

And discovered the path we had always been on?

What if we told the Saviours

We were saved from our first breath

And the healers — If you could heal yourselves

All would be healed?

What if we washed clean of Authority’s ordure

And smelled the fresh smell of our own bodies?

What if, as Eve eating the Fruit of the Tree of Knowledge,

We knew the “Patriarchal Curse” a mere natural thunder

Bringing Eden a cleansing rain?

What if, in the lightning’s flash

We saw there were



Sacred Books






And Knowledge was standing stark under the sky

Feet naked to earth

Eyes there for whatever light falls.

What if –?

– Audre Lorde


4 Responses to “Audre Lorde on original authority”

  1. Brien Engel (Facebook link) Says:

    nice….! thanks

  2. Kris Brandenburger (Facebook link) Says:

    I agree–thanks Tina!

  3. Erin Vang (Facebook link) Says:

    When Fake Wife Erin and real wife Victoria both bailed on that dance, I told Erin (who’d intimated I’d have hordes of people wanting to dance with me) I didn’t dare flake because you were schlepping all the way down and I was giving Cowboy Seth a ride and I therefore knew of .25 people wanting to dance with me, “so please pray for me.”
    She retorted, “to whom do I pray, godless lesbian?”
    After some thought, I told her: Audre Lorde.

  4. Sherry Steppig Says:

    Many thanks for this post. I needed this.

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