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BP: Truth in Advertising? June 2, 2010

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Petroleum rep Randy Prescott is reportedly quoted as saying: “Louisiana and Mississippi aren’t the only places that have shrimp.”

Here’s Randy’s office phone number: (713) 323-4093  and his e-mail:

Let him hear from you. One of my friends suggested that we tell him, “And BP isn’t the only place that has fuel for my car!”  You might also add, as I did, “Please effect the plugging and cleanup as quickly and efficiently as possible, damn the costs; and do it with appropriate humility.”

Someone recently sent me another e-mail suggesting that BP plug the spill hole with the bodies of their top executives. That suggestion probably won’t go over well, but feel free to pass it on to Randy too. Power should carry some responsibility, after all.

If you’re pissed off, sad, and/or fearful about this mess, you might enjoy this image, the BP logo with the caption, “BP: We’re bringing oil to American shores.” It’s being sent around as an actual BP ad, circa 1999, with the wry comment, “They kept their word.” Truth in advertising does sometimes exist!

–Oops, not. This isn’t real. It’s the work of the brilliant folk at

Here’s another variation:







Despair, Inc. got their start parodying those revolting “motivational posters” found in corporate boardrooms and in-flight magazines.

My all-time favorite Demotivational Poster is PROCRASTINATION: “Hard work often pays off after time, but laziness always pays off now.”

(Now that’s truth!)

Side observation: If you scroll up and down quickly, the flower petals on the fake BP ad appear to move. Kewl. I really enjoy optical illusions, but have a harder time with corporate attempts at distraction magic of the verbal sort.


5 Responses to “BP: Truth in Advertising?”

  1. Hans Gruenig (Facebook link) Says:

    I think if they wanted to simply plug the leak, it would have been done long ago. But they want to cap the leak, preserve the well and siphon off the oil — and as inexpensively as possible. That’s more difficult and time consuming and it’s happening at the expense of sea and coastal health/life. Meanwhile, politicians are at work trying to shift the monetary cost of the fix/cleanup onto the taxpayers. The people here in New Orleans are pretty angry about all of this. May our requests be heeded!

  2. H Bradley Weaver (Facebook link) Says:

    Tina, those people are despicable and I am ashamed to call them fellow human beings.

  3. Lane Tietgen (Facebook link) Says:

    Thanks, Tina. Also, your website is really very good! Congrats…..

  4. Lorraine Fish (Facebook link) Says:

    I copied this from a FB friend (thanks Richard): Many news reports about the Gulf oil catastrophe refer to it as a “spill.” Wrong. A spill is a minor “oops” — one accidentally spills milks, for example, and from childhood, we’re taught the old aphorism: “Don’t cry over spilt milk.” What’s in the Gulf isn’t milk and it wasn’t spilt. The explosion of BP’s Deepwater Horizon well was the inevitable result of deliberate decisions made by avaricious corporate executives, laissez faire politicians and obsequious regulators. Jim Hightower

    This from me: It’s not a leak either! Both of the words used “spill” or “leak” have the effect of softening what is really happening down there. The oil has been GUSHING out like a raging overflowing river in the rainy season!

  5. Evan Yarnell Says:

    This truck ought to head to the Gold King Mine in Jerome, AZ

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