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Indigenize is a “Featured Blog!” September 28, 2010

Filed under: Announcements,Spiritual Ecopsychology — BrujaHa @ 11:30 am

News flash: chose Indigenize to be a “Featured Blog”

on the topic of Spiritual Ecopsychology!




8 Responses to “Indigenize is a “Featured Blog!””

  1. Lisa Mertz (Facebook link) Says:


  2. Diane Osborne (Facebook link) Says:

    congrats Tina!!! Soooooooooper exciting!

  3. Brien Engel (Facebook link) Says:

    good on ya, great news

  4. Anna Fitzpatrick (Facebook link) Says:

    go Tina!

  5. Genny Engel (Facebook link) Says:

    Smarter than the average blog BooBoo!

  6. Sasha Yunkers (Facebook link) Says:

    Love & Light Tina!

  7. Tina Fields Says:

    Could just be because Spir Ecopsych” is a weird combination term, rarely used by anyone else…

  8. Anne Burnett (facebook link) Says:

    enjoyed the Mustang piece immensely

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