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High Flying Witch October 6, 2010

A witch flies across the full moon on a broomstick. This is a classic Hallowe’en image; nothing more.

–Or is it?

Note how happy this witch looks. Then look for four entheogenic plants semi-hidden in the design.

Can you identify them?

Some say the use of such plant mixtures is how those witches, our European ancestors, actually went ‘flying.’  The broomstick provided a handy applicator of the “flying ointment” – a.k.a. witches’ brew? – to the mucous membranes.  (I am not making this up.)

My favorite thing about this drawing is the glee she exhibits. I get so tired of seeing witches depicted as evil, scheming, or just grumpy in their warts. I mean, really. When I was a little kid of nine or so, a teacher asked what we wanted to be when we grew up. The book suggested things like “nurse” and “fireman.” I wrote in “Philosopher. And witch.”

Silently flying out of the window at night by moonlight, knowing the world’s unknowable secrets, casting spells, healing people with wild materials free for the taking, talking with ravens?! Yee-haw! It’s good to be a witch.



And now, a shameless plug:

If you like this image and think, “wow, I sure wish this was a card! I’d love to send it to my witchy friends,” you’re in luck. I currently have an extremely limited edition of notecards featuring this image available for sale — 34 14, to be exact. Amaze, enchant, or horrify your friends with this esoteric knowledge in visual form!

The cards measure 4-1/4″ x 5-1/2″ and are blank inside, awaiting your own message.  Price: $3.50 each plus postage. Optional: Have the cards inscribed with a brief, personalized hand-calligraphed message of your choosing, for a mere $1 for up to 9 words (not including “antidisestablishmentarianism” or anything in Welsh.) Postage discount will be given for bulk purchases sent to one address – I’ll only charge what I’m paying. Or if you’re local, come on over and pick them up. Not only do you avoid postage costs, but I’ll make you a cup of hot brewed tea.

* Please contact me directly to order:  tfields8 [at] *

If you’d like this same design on a t-shirt or mug, you can get them via CafePress.

A single-color version of this original pen-and-ink drawing was the official t-shirt design for the Society for the Anthropology of Consciousness conference in Seattle, WA.

Thanks for your interest (or endurance)!


12 Responses to “High Flying Witch”

  1. Karuna Says:

    Blessed Be!

  2. Mira Z. Amiras (Facebook link) Says:

    I recognize more than the plants in there…

  3. Hans Gruenig (Facebook link) Says:

    This is great, Tina! When I was about 10, my friends called me “The Little Professor” and I announced that I wanted to be a sage when I grew up. 🙂

  4. Shira Kammen (Facebook link) Says:

    THIS IS GREAT!!!!!! WOW!

  5. Tim Lavalli (Facebook link) Says:

    a lot more than plants in there

  6. Zachary Sequoia (Facebook link) Says:

    Do I get points since I can identify them all?

  7. Linda Flanagan (Facebook link) Says:


  8. branchenbuch Says:

    Hello. Great job. I did not expect this on a Wednesday. This is a great story. Thanks!

  9. Jennifer B Says:

    Happy Samhain!!! Blessed Be. )O(

  10. Milk & Honey (Facebook link) Says:

    Check this out Samhain and Halloween lovers~ This is one of the coolest images you will ever see!

  11. Milk & Honey (Facebook link) Says:

    HAPPY SAMHAIN EVE! We will be OPEN ALL DAY TOMORROW, so please come show us your costumes and pick up these AMAZING Halloween cards made by local artist, Tina Fields. All the witches in your life will LOVE then! Blessed Be and HAPPY WITCH’S NEW YEAR!

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