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Intense. Bold. Smoky. October 15, 2010

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Following is my first Short-Short Story, aka Flash Fiction. The challenge is to craft a full story in less than 125 words. Try it yourself! It is the best procrastination fodder I’ve found in a long time. Not hard to guess where this one was written.


Amanda glared morosely at the novelty mugs for sale on the shelves at Peet’s Coffee as she waited in line to order a decadent mocha with extra whipped cream. And sprinkles too, dammit. Why not?  It was the only dry place open at this ungodly hour of 5 am, and she could really use some spoiling right now.

Which mug best suited her ex-to-be? Certainly not “Medium Body, Lively, Pleasant.” He was toned and bitchy.

“Complex, Rich, Smooth”? Not rich, darn it. But the other two… She thought of his silky voice.

“Earthy, Aromatic, Full Bodied.” Ha! That one would be hers.

“Bitter, Sweet, Complex.”

Our relationship, nailed.

With a wry twisted smile and two new mugs filled with hot mocha, Amanda turned back toward home.


3 Responses to “Intense. Bold. Smoky.”

  1. Sasha Yunkers Says:

    I am in awe of your prowess…Ms.Goddess of the short,short story!
    I loved it indeed~
    Keep em coming……
    I await the next marvel.


  2. Susan Silver Says:

    I’m looking for the intense bold smoky mug. Do you know anyone who has one? Thanks c

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