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The other day, I met a bear… September 14, 2012

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Yesterday there was a bear up a tree in someone’s yard along the main drag out of Niwot, CO, the little town I live in.

A lot of wild creatures have been driven down from the mountains into the more populated flat areas, since the recent heat and fires have brought difficulty in finding food. Bears need to stock up their fat supply for the coming winter’s hibernation. You can already feel fall crackling in the air here.

Police tape was up and officers patrolled around the fenced yard all day, to keep the streams of watching people at bay and the traffic moving.

Instead of shooting the 300-pound male down with a tranquilizer gun (which would undoubtedly leave him seriously wounded from the high fall), officials there said they planned to wait till night when all the two-leggeds left for bed and just let him come down. I praised the Fish & Game guy for that choice and told him I felt reassured by it. He looked surprised but pleased.

And the strategy worked! The bear was gone by morning.

Wonder where he is now?


If you want to keep bears away from your home, don’t leave out delicacies that will likely attract them such as tasty, fat-laden birdseed and fruit that has fallen from trees. Or if you would like to attract ursine visitors, go collect these from your neighbors and strew them about now.

By the way, you do know that old call-and-response camp song that the title of this post refers to, right?


The great photo above is by Matthew Jonas, as published in the Times/Call, a Longmont CO online newspaper.

No wonder the bear has that look on his face – there were loads of paparazzi, including myself. But the best of my iPhone pix only show a dark blob:



16 Responses to “The other day, I met a bear…”

  1. Skye Says:

    aWESOME! Common sense prevails with dignity and respect for our four-legged friends!

  2. Adam Beld Says:

    Oh Great Bear,how you bring a smile and a giggle to me.

  3. Erfert Fenton (facebook link) Says:

    Ru-oh! There was a bear in my mom’s yard in Boulder (Table Mesa) last week. Guess they’re headin’ to town to fatten up for winter.

  4. Lisa Deutsch Harrigan (facebook link) Says:

    The best thing is the let him go back into the woods. They just want a bit more food before it gets scarce.

  5. Erfert Fenton (facebook link) Says:

    Stay alert. (Unlike this guy.)

  6. Marian Moses (facebook link) Says:

    He/she is somewhere safe, happy, and being a bear!

  7. Robert Weeks (facebook link) Says:

    Just try to bear with it.

  8. Birrell Walsh (facebook link) Says:

    He was just tired of get-out-the-vote calls…

  9. Marvin Bundren (facebook link) Says:

    Nope. I recognise this guy. Notorious peeping-tom with navigational issues. Keeps climbing trees with no view of his targets.

  10. Teri Rasmusson (facebook link) Says:

    Close to our little house. Near the post office- one of our friends called us about this bear- wow!

  11. Birrell Walsh (facebook link) Says:

    I think it is so cool, that the officials were this sensible.

  12. Linda Flanagan (facebook link) Says:

    we hear that the bears are hungry and coming in where people are living in colorado. the drought is shrinking up their berries!

  13. Anne Burnett (facebook link) Says:

    Niwot needs a bear festival to celebrate the bear’s successful departure! That’s what Dahlonega GA did when a cub visited the town square. It’s one of our fave fests

  14. Anne Says:

    That is a beautiful bear! I too live in CO, and I’m always tickled pink at the animal ingenuity – something we humans can really learn a thing or two from!

  15. timlavalli Says:

    Sorry I got here late but I see no one got the song reference. Well I know it —

    “There’s a crosswalk below the bear”
    “Below the bear”
    “Only two-legs use it, if they dare.”
    “If they dare.”

    That’s it, right?

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