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Native Lands Back in the Hands of Native Peoples December 1, 2012

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Pe Sla victory poster

Pe Sla victory poster

We made it!!!!!

Years ago, an activist I admire shook his head sadly as he observed, “Every environmental victory is a temporary one.” But not this one. A lot of people responded to the tribes’ urgent call for donations of money to keep their sacred lands out of the hands of developers. I was among those who gave what they could, and now this land will stay wild. Well, wild in the really old sense: in partnership with people who will be with it as equals instead of lord-and-masters or museum-goers. Tears of gratitude are flowing.

And yes, the very idea that the native peoples had to buy their own land back is completely perverse. But the important thing is, They Got It Back. This is cause for big time celebration.

Here you can read the full story & watch a video:
“Tribes Reach $9 Million Goal and Purchase Sacred Site of Pe’ Sla after months of high-profile fundraising that drew celebrities’ attention.”


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