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Thoreau’s town bans single-use plastic bottles! January 30, 2013

Thoreau's town bans single-use plastic bottles!

Some very excellent news! Here we see a political action in service of the health of both people and our environment. And what a perfect place to do it: the hometown of Henry David Thoreau.

Thank you, Concord, Mass, for carrying on his legacy of visionary activism.

This action will mean less plastic building up the Pacific Garbage Patch, an island of garbage floating in the sea; cleaner groundwater in Massachusetts’ landfills, and healthier people who won’t be drinking water out of these as much, or breathing air polluted by manufacturing and transport of these unnecessary plastic bottles.

For a link to a Huffington Post article that provides more details, click the picture (the admirable work of missionpraxis).

Manufacturers of reuseable bottles, now is your chance! Sales will be increasing. Please make your wares sturdy, non-toxic, and beautiful. It’s nice to own such possessions worthy of long-term respect, instead of those intended from their birth for thoughtless insto-disposal.

Ah, it’s a good day.


2 Responses to “Thoreau’s town bans single-use plastic bottles!”

  1. RedChef Says:

    I’m curious: Does the tap water in Concord contain hydrofluorosilicic acid (fluoride) and/or chlorine? Many cities would have to open that can of worms if they were to ban the bottle. Yay Concord! (Yay Thoreau, too!)

    P.S. I found your site — and I’m glad! — because I was looking for the purported origin of the “all my relations” reminder. Know where I could look? Thanks!

  2. […] “Thoreau’s Town Bans Single-Use Plastic Bottles !” by Tina Fields, dated Jan 30, 2013, posted in the WorPress blog – “Indigenize!” – […]

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