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Autocorrect Fail o’the day August 6, 2013

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My iPhone autocorrect fail of the day, sent to my neighbors who are currently away:

“Would you be able to water my plants along with yours after you get back? If so, will leave monkey in yr apt.”

Ha ha! — MY KEY, not a monkey.

That would be quite the welcome-home surprise.

monkey butler


15 Responses to “Autocorrect Fail o’the day”

  1. I would think you could get quite a lot of volunteers with an offer like that!

  2. Nicky Duenkel (Facebook link) Says:

    I quite like the image of coming home to monkeys!

  3. James Miyake (Facebook link) Says:

    You name your keys after animals too?

  4. Carol Venolia (Facebook link) Says:

    love it

  5. Lisa Mertz (Facebook link) Says:

    mon key — bastardized French

  6. Jas O'Coustic (Facebook link) Says:

    Trying to get that monkey of yer back, eh?

  7. Karen K O'Brien (Facebook link) Says:

    Oh my god. Thank you for this post. I need a good laugh today. All work and no play. You literally made me LOL.

  8. Michael DeLalla (Facebook link) Says:

    Funny, I saw that and just assumed you had lined up a simeon surrogate…Curious George Becomes a Housesitter for the Man in the Yellow Hat…

  9. Joy Greenwolfe (Facebook link) Says:

    The monkey will let you in.

  10. Abigail Lynam (Facebook link) Says:

    funny my autocorrect brain read my key – what monkey I thought as I finished reading. Had to go back and read again

  11. Joanne Burnett (Facebook link) Says:

    What a hoot! May I leave a monkey in your apartment?

  12. Cyndee Rhiceneth Joncas (Facebook link) Says:

    Yikes! I immediately visualized the monkeys that were in the movie Jumanji!

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