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Cosmic Spam August 16, 2013

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rattlesnake wad

wad o’rattlesnakes photo from

I like to check Akismet once in awhile to see if its excellent spam-catching nets have inadvertently scooped up a genuine response to one of my posts.

Today my creel holds some strange fish. One spam comment caught on this blog is so surreal I begin to wonder if it may have cosmic significance; a fortune-cookie from the universe:

“Maybe you need to have to consider selling a ton of snakes. This in an environment-friendly vehicle results in much more money having towards be paid on restore those proper rights.”

Open for interpretation… anyone?



12 Responses to “Cosmic Spam”

  1. wanderingsoul Says:

    that is some pretty funny spam, I must say.

  2. Adam Phytophile (Facebook link) Says:

    …wow lol

  3. Eric Black (Facebook link) Says:

    Don’t sell the snakes, just sell their oil. If you sell the snakes, you won’t have snake oil to sell.

  4. Genny Engel (Facebook link) Says:

    I have to admit it is true, I had never given any consideration whatsoever to selling a ton of snakes. What an oversight.

  5. Ethan Hay (Facebook link) Says:

    Maybe they’re trying to raise money for English lessons.

  6. Mary Margaret McMurtry (Facebook link) Says:

    Google translate has a lot to answer for.

  7. Mira Z. Amiras (Facebook link) Says:

    For you, sweetie, this sounds reasonable.

  8. Dana Crom (facebook link) Says:

    Snoylent Green! It’s SNAKES!

  9. Lonna Whipple (Facebook link) Says:

    Maybe it was written with Mad-libs?

  10. Brien Engel (Facebook link) Says:

    I have yet to receive advice but have been graced with wonderful poetry from time to time, for example:

    The shallow gob tumbledown the bevel of the opposition in the nostril. Packstonchinlyn

  11. Tim Bray (Facebook link) Says:

    For a long time, I could not understand what these random gibberish comments were about. Then I realized – it’s the monkeys, writing the works of Shakespeare!

  12. Tina Fields Says:

    You people are great! Thanks for the literal LOLs.

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