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Fungus Amungus September 25, 2013



Look how big some of these beauties are!

Found at Walden Ponds, just east of Boulder, CO.

At least somebody is benefiting from all this rain.





11 Responses to “Fungus Amungus”

  1. Steve Gaddis (Facebook link) Says:

    We get occasional explosions of mushrooms in our yard, but nothing that size!

  2. Teri Rasmusson (Facebook link) Says:

    I picked one out of our yard because it was starting to look like a tennis ball, and Chester may grab it (our dog)

  3. Mira Z. Amiras (Facebook link) Says:

    Actually, what people have to realize is just how tiny Tina’s feet are!!

  4. Tim Lavalli (Facebook link) Says:

    and how big her ….

  5. Tim Lavalli (Facebook link) Says:

    world is, no really I meant world honest!

  6. Damon Runyon Lesjack (Facebook link) Says:

    Agaricus Agustus! Delicious, like almond essence.

    • Tina Fields Says:

      Damon, I wish. The myco folk here think it may be Green-spored Parasol instead (not so pleasant after eaten).

      • Diana Tracy (facebook link) Says:

        …that must be why the agusutus is off the list of easy edible shrooms. (noshing happily on chanterelles here)

  7. Brigid Herron (Facebook link) Says:

    I was coming to say the same thing, Mira! Those are probably very small mushrooms, actually

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