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A Judge for the People September 15, 2014

Judge Andrew HartmanI was on Jury Duty today. I wasn’t selected to serve, but it would have been fun if I were because the judge was such a big souled person with a sense of humor.

It turns out he’s the one who gave the green light to the resistance action of clerk Hillary Hall, who issued licenses for gay marriages in Colorado even though it was still technically illegal, saying her behavior was not harming anyone. “She is apparently taking the position posited by St. Augustine and followed notably by Martin Luther King Jr. that ‘an unjust law is not law at all.'”

Judge Andrew Hartman, I salute you.

To read one of the news articles with that quote in it, click here.


4 Responses to “A Judge for the People”

  1. Moira Hill (Facebook link) Says:

    We need more judges like this!

  2. Screwed Litigant Says:

    I am glad that you found Judge Hartman to be such a good guy. He was a total disaster for me during my case. (1) Started proceeding 15 minutes before the letter I received from court said to be there (2) didn’t swear in people who had already testified until after they testified (3) lied to my face (4) allowed a non-litigant in the gallery to heckle me while I testified. And that’s just for starters. Yeah, great judge.

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