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Boycott Black Friday November 27, 2014



This is a picture I took at an arts and crafts supply store — in September. Halloween decor I could handle when it was still 70 degrees out and school was just getting started, but Xmas stuff too?! “Beware the horror” indeed!

Now it’s Thanksgiving Day as I write this, and the onslaught really begins. Do you feel your body recoiling at the barrage of ads, tinny Rudolph Midnight Clear muzak, the message that you have to now get busy and jolly and go shopping? Yeah, me too. So I have a proposal. Instead of rewarding the Christmas sales juggernaut that now begins before Halloween (argh!), let’s switch it up. Slow down the holidays. Enjoy the one we’re in.

I propose a movement to keep actively ThanksGiving for the last few days of November, enjoying and appreciating what we already have instead of buying.

If taken up en masse, this could be revolutionary. Enjoying and appreciating what we already have instead of buying – if even for a few dedicated days.

Boycott Black Friday.

Here are some memes for inspiration. The last one is my favorite.












* I found the above memes being passed around the Interwebs. If you made one of them, please let me know so I can give you credit.


7 Responses to “Boycott Black Friday”

  1. Kelly Says:

    Exactly! I’ve been saying this for years and it still challenges my patience. One holiday at a time and being thankful for what you have and for the day at present. 🙂

  2. Sandy Shea Says:

    See my FB post–

    • BrujaHa Says:

      Wish I could, but your page is set up as mysteriously private. Would you consider reposting it for us here?

      • Sandy Shea Says:

        Sandy Shea
        1 hr ·
        …A bit late, but not really. From my friend and mentor, Tina.
        Question; What happens if we boycott buying anything new for christmas? There are still a billion cool gifts I could get for my peeps. Cooler even, if they knew they were part of the first ever campaign to make Christmas about something new and cool and fun! A recycled, refurbished, restored, re-made, re-created, re-imagined…oh, you get the idea. Thoughts?

        Boycott Black Friday
        * This is a picture I took at an arts and crafts supply store — in September. Halloween decor I could handle when it was still 70 degrees out and school was just getting started, but Xmas stuff to…

        • Sandy Shea Says:

          I’ll check into the FB page. Aren’t we friends?

          • BrujaHa Says:

            We assuredly are friends, Sandy – but not on FB while you’re a student in my program at Naropa. That will be a nice little non-purchased graduation present for us both.

        • BrujaHa Says:

          I love the idea of boycotting buying anything new for Christmas (except for some lebkuchen). One year long ago when I was in my early 20s, my partner at the time and I decided to boycott the idea of giving material holiday gifts altogether. That lasted exactly once, as we felt sort of grinchy and sad. It is fun to give presents! So the next year, we went berzerk with contributing to the American economy. Our relatives wondered if we’d won the lottery, and the effusiveness made them uncomfortable. The year after that, the pendulum swung back to normality and our gift-giving morphed into mainly giving things we’d made, or passing on stuff we owned and loved that we knew a friend admired – mathoms, for the Hobbit minded. That last was hard, but both were satisfying (to us, anyway). These are such valuable experimentations. Let me know how your campaign goes!

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