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New Drum Born December 23, 2014

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Damien's drum, made by Tina Fields


Please tarry a brief moment – you’ll get a mini-slideshow.

I made this drum for a young man to use while co-leading wilderness Vision Quests.

It is made of pieced pine and deerskin.

His then-sweetie, who purchased its creation as a gift to him, is pictured holding it on my porch before he knew about its existence.


This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Before he had his own drum, Damien MacAnany used Julianne Skai Arbor (“Treegirl”)’s drum, which was also made by me.

Here’s a photo of him using that one for a Youth Vision Quest.



It’s a snapshot from a promo video for the Santa Rosa, CA based Rites of Passage, Inc., for whom Damien works as a guide.

I hope the heartbeat of this drum helps lead many teens home to their true, noble, wild selves.




Full Moon (image by

(The moon is a circle, the earth is a circle, the drum is a circle, we sit in a circle…)


To see more of my drums:

Shamanic Frame Drums

Painted Drum Commission




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      Thank you, Chas! …hey, I have wanted to comment on a couple of your excellent blog posts, but can’t find a way to do so. Help?

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