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Anthropology of Consciousness July 5, 2016

“Huge thank you to Tina Fields the 2016 SAC keynote address for her talk, ‘I am He as You are He as You are Me, and We are All Together’ — Fostering Ecopsychological Relationship with Place.  Here is a snippet from an interview at Naropa University in 2012 on culture, consciousness, and conditioned assumptions about reality.”

That was reblogged from the Society for the Anthropology of Consciousness (SAC)’s Open Access blog. It was a great honor to serve as their Keynote speaker.

If you are interested in exploring issues of consciousness with a group of very smart, kind interdisciplinary thinkers who look at wild topics with both rigor and open-minded humor, SAC may be the group for you.

The interview they spoke of follows below. I’m posting it here for the first time on my own blog (what a concept!) Perhaps you’ll like it too.

Source: SAC in 2016


3 Responses to “Anthropology of Consciousness”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    Good interview. Nothing is inert. And consciousness arises from the Universe. (And some physicists would argue that the Universe arises from consciousness.)

  2. pandoone Says:

    Always on; From a Primordial Photon to Black Holes that gobble Matter and all else within reach of their Gravity; To a collection of Neurons that do much the same via sensation and processing. The first collects Energy in all it’s forms and the second collects experience then processes it with intention.

    Because we can doesn’t mean we should (Unless it’s about Surviving?)…………Intention……… Perception/Sensation ………Manifestation

    Why oh why must I be an outcome of a unique single celled Organism…………A single parent intent on Surviving.

  3. pandoone Says:

    P.S. : A seed that one day we may be able to seed? In our current state it’s hard to fathom as probability clearly is replacing possibility. Entropy ………… c

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