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Insight from a Partial Eclipse August 21, 2017



96% totality experienced.

Even at that much shadowed occultation, the sun offered a surprising amount of light.

The profound takeaway I got is this:

If we consider the parallels between the larger natural world and our own psyches, it’s a sweet reminder that even if we’ve sabotaged our lives a lot through our own BS patterns, our pure original nature still shines more brightly than we realize.



One Response to “Insight from a Partial Eclipse”

  1. BrujaHa Says:

    Shared this on Facebook, my personal page. There, it garnished 144 “Likes” and the following Comments:

    Brien Engel:
    At 98% here it was not so much dark but “strange.” Trippy, I would call it. But I was also impressed at how much light there was, and I hear you, that’s a good reminder. And exploring all that stuff about our little solar system and scaling up to how far away is Andromeda (2 million years but you have to keep pedal to metal at 186k miles a sec), a supposedly tiny distance scaling up to super-clusters and then large scale. It’s incredible!
    21 August at 14:27

    Jen Peer Rich:
    Perfect Tina, thank you. We are inherently incredibly bright under all the muck ❤️
    21 August at 14:30

    Edith Crowe:
    At 70%, you wouldn’t know there was an eclipse. It was very obvious through my eclipse glasses. Made me feel like Tina.
    21 August at 14:41

    Katherine Jenkins:
    Ooooo- love it! Thank you for that lovely.
    21 August at 14:48

    Kevin Fury:
    I felt the same at 93%. The small 7% sliver was enough to still illuminate the world. Even when darkness is strong, the light persists. A lovely message for us.
    21 August at 14:59

    Lexi Erickson:
    Kevin, that is so lovely.
    21 August at 17:47

    Katherine Ledford Silver:
    That is beautiful and inspiring. Thanks.
    21 August at 15:07

    Ellen DeMoney:
    oh I like that one…
    21 August at 18:43

    Jodi Renee Lang:
    Lovely insight Tina
    21 August at 19:00

    Doug Cyr:
    YES. Well said!!! 👏🏻🙏🏻
    21 August at 19:03

    Kim Marchywka-Butler: So bright when we get out of our own way! Love❤
    21 August at 20:32

    Lane Tietgen:
    21 August at 22:30

    Kim Stoll:
    Nice reminder, Tina. Thanks!
    21 August at 22:43

    Glory Wipfli:
    We missed you Tina.
    21 August at 23:00

    Anne Zonne Parker:
    100% there was cold wind, altering luminous-ness around the horizons – a sense of deep and magical wisdom that lies below the light in the numinous creative darkness.
    22 August at 08:00

    Anne Zonne Parker:
    P.S. We did miss you and do have a wonderful time with your students
    22 August at 08:00

    Mark A. Schroll:
    Yesterday began with clear skies and sunshine, then became mostly cloudy, and wispy with a pale ghostly glow shining through the clouds during the totality as I watched it from my backyard by myself. Then after totality a burst of light, followed by illumination just from an emerging sliver of sun–the clouds parted as emergence continued. The two nights prior to the eclipse (just before dawn) I’ve seen the moon’s entire outline, with just a sliver of it illuminated. Venus has been especially bright, directly above the moon three nights prior to the solar totality. Last night it rained with total cloud cover.
    22 August at 08:51

    Diane Frank:
    I love what you have shared about this! Erik and I saw the eclipse in a field by a small church between Eugene and Corvallis. Very magical experience!
    23 August at 13:32

    Larkspur Morton:
    what a lovely and wonderful message — made me tear up at the message and feel a welling up of love for you and your way of expression — as I read it aloud to Judy, who i’m lucky to have sitting here in my home. thanks for sharing your thoughts.
    23 August at 19:34

    Silver Hare:
    Wow … that is good!
    24 August at 14:18

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