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Good news! Federal Court Rules Trump Border Wall ILLEGAL January 5, 2020



Here’s a report from the ACLU, an organization I’m proud to support. A federal court has ruled Trump’s abuse of executive power to bully his xenophobic wall into existence is illegal.

This is excellent news, not only for the human people, the US economy and the democratic process, but for all of the wildlife who are, and would be, devastated by this ridiculous wall’s construction and existence.

Here are details about a fraction of the environmental devastation it will bring from The Guardian, Dec.29, 2019: 

Despite the potential for far-reaching long-term consequences, details about the plans are sparse since the government suspended 28 federal laws mandating protections and oversight, relating to clean air and water, endangered species, public lands and the rights of Native Americans, in order to expedite construction.

The waiver includes the 1969 National Environmental Policy Act (Nepa), considered the cornerstone of environmental protection in the US, the Endangered Species Act, National Fish and Wildlife Act and Migratory Bird Conservation Act. These laws require robust scientific, environmental and costs analysis before projects can be sanctioned.

“With his wall obsession, President Trump has created an environmental crisis at the border,” said the Arizona congressman Raúl Grijalva. “Through environmental waivers and stolen funds, he’s building a wall that will deplete precious water resources, desecrate sacred sites and destroy the environmental treasures and biodiversity that make the borderlands unique.”

Jordahl added: “The wall could not be built without the waiver. Nepa requires the government to choose the least invasive, best option for taxpayers … surveillance cameras could be installed every hundred metres at a fraction of the economic and environmental cost. This wall is an unjustifiable project.”

Thirty-seven federally listed endangered and threatened species live around the Arizona-Mexico border, plus innumerable others who currently are in less danger but who would be added to that list in short order were this operation to go. And according to the US army corps of engineers, the wall would cost US taxpayers roughly $14 million dollars per mile. I don’t know about you, but that’s not a priority for something I want to see the government spend my hard-earned money on.

So glad that sanity is beginning to win out!

Here is the full article text about the federal ruling, which came from this ACLU press release:

DECEMBER 11, 2019

OAKLAND — A federal court today ruled that President Trump’s use of emergency powers to divert $3.6 billion in military construction funds for the border wall is unlawful. The ruling came in a lawsuit, Sierra Club v. Trump, filed by the American Civil Liberties Union on behalf of the Sierra Club and Southern Border Communities Coalition.

In ruling against the use of emergency funds, U.S. District Judge Haywood S. Gilliam Jr. stated: “[T]he Court cannot blind itself to the plain reality presented in this case: the border barrier projects Defendants now assert are ‘necessary to support the use of the armed forces’ are the very same projects Defendants sought—and failed—to build under DHS’s civilian authority, because Congress would not appropriate the requested funds.”

The ACLU’s lawsuit on behalf of the Sierra Club and SBCC challenges President Trump’s abuse of emergency powers to build a border wall using funds Congress explicitly denied.

“This ruling confirms that the president has no authority to raid military construction funds for his xenophobic wall,” said Dror Ladin, staff attorney with the ACLU’s National Security Project. “By putting an end to the president’s power grab, this ruling protects our democracy’s separation of powers, the environment, and border communities.”

As part of the same lawsuit, the court previously blockedthe administration from beginning construction using $2.5 billion in military pay and pension funds under a separate statute. The ACLU was in the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals earlier this month to defend that victory.

The district court today also permanently blocked construction of the wall using the military construction funds, but has temporarily stayed that block given the ongoing appeals process in the case before the Ninth Circuit.

“We will be back before the Ninth Circuit very soon,” added Ladin.

A court in Texas yesterday blocked imminent construction of the wall using military construction funds. That block remains in effect.

President Trump declared a national emergency on February 15, 2019, to secure border wall funds Congress denied him. While declaring the emergency, President Trump stated that he “didn’t need to do this” but he’d prefer to build the wall “much faster.” He added that he declared a national emergency because he was “not happy” that Congress “skimped” on the wall by denying him the billions he demanded.

Below are additional comments from:

Gloria Smith, Managing Attorney at the Sierra Club: “Today’s decision is another critical step in permanently stopping Trump’s border wall. The court recognized that Trump’s reckless national emergency declaration illegally destroys our borderlands and border communities. By raiding money from the military for this wall, Trump is depriving service members and their families of essential government services like schools and retirement. The Sierra Club will continue to fight to protect border communities as this administration inflicts its relentless agenda to harm the people, places and wildlife along the southern border.”

Vicki B. Gaubeca, director of the Southern Border Communities Coalition: “We welcome this decision against Trump’s blatant attempt to sidestep Congress. Trump’s senseless wall is destroying our natural habitats, endangering our communities, and eroding the quality of life of the 15 million people who live in the southern border region. The southern border is and always has been a place of encounter, opportunity and hope. We need a responsible border governance approach that begins with respecting the checks and balances in this country.”



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66 Responses to “Good news! Federal Court Rules Trump Border Wall ILLEGAL”

  1. jgbergstrom Says:

    Thank you as always for being patient. I don’t know you at all and your my compass at times. In you I can be who I believe I should have been…………. Truly. I’m not ashamed to say it. I may have been the Biologist I should have been………………… But, I have a daughter that was never mine and a spouse that doesn’t think we are important. Somehow I’ve failed all of us

  2. jgbergstrom Says:

    Imagine an inverted Photon that expanded? Think about the possibility beyond what is called entangled. No binary simplicity; Rather a harmony that can only exist if it is understood. When we look upon something we imagine we understand via experience . In reality we are limited by the same…………… It’s a whole new world and it’s decaying. Life lost isn’t just lost; It’s diversification altered. Within controlled Science it would be called controlled and certainly directed. Again, if we are that which processes the Universe…….. We are also that which can manipulate and change outcome.

  3. jgbergstrom Says:

    I’ve stood aside for years and watched; I was called crazy. I had nightmares and struggled with daily living. Then it was because I was gay? Then because I had a daughter that wasn’t mine. Now because I had a head injury……………… No………….. Some part of my experience is real. I meditate and wait; I do. I rest and insist that an answer is forthcoming. Admittedly I’ve had a better life than many. Yet, some unanswered question………….. I truly don’t know…………

  4. jgbergstrom Says:

    The injury I’m unaware of; Unconscious I lay on the ground for greater than 10 minutes without an Ambulance. When I was taken to Hospital I was told I wasn’t bleeding; How nice. A young man showed me a video…………… I still can’t remember the experience….

  5. Anonymous Says:

    Just confused and angry………. answers I more than likely will never have……. Guru Dev

  6. jgbergstrom Says:

    Why me? So happy by myself on my Gelding…………

  7. jgbergstrom Says:

    Thank you for allowing me to vent; Truly. I get so emotive now and cry, scream…………. It just is chaos. So, I’m rebuilding fences, my dock and yard. Seems the best therapy. Yesterday I had 2 Bumble bees, 3 Woodpeckers and 2 pairs of Cardinals in my yard that I noticed. Beautimus. I live in Florida……….. so so beautimus………

  8. jgbergstrom Says:

    I keep Seals and Crofts repeating ………….. makes me feel better. “Everything is alright” even if it isn’t………….. You know; like the early 70’s when our parents told us we should be “Seen” not “heard”……………..

  9. jgbergstrom Says:

    So, a man approaches calling me brother (I just witnessed him taking 20 dollars from someone) and I say “Don’t call me brother” ever. He lowers his eyes deceptively and walks away. GOOD. Please do and stay away. My partner sat in the window crying at me that he was afraid………….. Of what?? Then he would fall asleep with the house lit up like a christmas tree and the front door wide open. Delusion and the unnecessary outcomes formed by it. He was so Beautimus; Truly. Even Brain damaged I don’t share his empathetic view. I tried and demonstrated why I couldn’t. Not only to him; But, to all those watching. It was disgusting and I can’t apologize and never will.

  10. jgbergstrom Says:

    Imagine if Nematodes and Fungi could simply wage revenge? What a mess even if just withholding nutrient…………..

  11. jgbergstrom Says:

    Such a waste

  12. jgbergstrom Says:

    Some angry with me; Really? Please do be angry for reason….. Consider those not aborted left in so called orphanages buried on the grounds…… Irish folklore? Must be my Brain injury

  13. jgbergstrom Says:

    Dance the dance of the deluded…………. If I choose not to participate know it’s not about any single individual. Not at all……………I’ll build my fences and make boundaries that will be unmanageable………….. Deference…………..

  14. jgbergstrom Says:

    Suppose it’s similar to tourettes syndrome? I read a Journalists report of a find at an Irish Orphanage. I cried. It isn’t who we are and to know that kind of reality was frightening. St Patrick and the snakes that were our parents…………. I may have an injury within my skull…….. But. I haven’t missed that………

  15. jgbergstrom Says:

    Not to make lite of anything; But, I hope your at least smiling. My brain dilemma has made me a bit unknown even to myself. Sometimes I’m perfectly fine and others a mess. I’m developing strategies to stop at least the incursions. I exercise and take my damn vitamins (I don’t like it). I try to sleep at least 8 hours and still only get about 5. I don’t leave the house except for supplies and only interact with my neighbors. Well, I bother my brother and a close friend in New Bedford with texting …… ? I’ve waged war on a weed bush (Florida native serial BUSH) that needs its roots to vacate the premises and also rebuilt my Fence, Dock and am going to start inside. Just a mess……….. But, still hoping………

  16. jgbergstrom Says:

    I had 3 Woodpeckers, 2 pairs of Cardinals, 2 Bumblebees and blooming Mexican Petunia in my yard today…………… Beautimus

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