Rekindle Your Wild Joy and sense of deep Belonging through spiritual ecopsychology and the arts, incl. bioregional awareness, animistic perspectives, strategies for simple living, & low/no-tech DIY fun.

About / Contact October 8, 2009

pic of me at EES Uruguay Oct 2017Tina R. Fields, Ph.D., has taught about the cultural & spiritual sides of environmental issues at the college level since 1999, including 5 years of living outdoors in tents, traveling in the wild with her students. Before that, she lived with a part-wolf for 13 years, a relationship that taught her a great deal about interspecies communication and respect.  She has served on the executive board of the Society for the Anthropology of Consciousness. Tina now dwells in Boulder, Colorado, where she serves as core faculty and chair of the M.A. program in Ecopsychology at Naropa University, a wonderful institution dedicated to contemplative education.

Her work ties together ecopsychology, earth-based spiritual wisdom, bioregional literacy, art and storytelling to help westerners become indigenous to these lands and waters we now live with. From such a consciousness state of belonging, environmental behavior change can more easily shift in our minds from being a perceived burden to being a chosen joy.

She is available for individual support in spiritual ecopsychology, rewilding the soul, and practical ways to “green” your life. In addition to her knowledge of environmental issues and strategies, she is an ACISTE-certified spiritual guidance counselor, pagan/interfaith minister, long-term student/practitioner of shamanism and druidry, and wilderness rites-of passage leader with current WFR medical training.

In addition to that work, Tina is an accomplished visual and performance artist. Her current artistic passion is building community joy through calling contra and barn dances (see calendar).  She has also served as Artist-In-Residence in rural CA and NV, shown art in numerous venues across the west, worked as an actor, storyteller, and singer, facilitated many seasonal and life-change ceremonies, and led singing through the open group EnChantMent.

On the side, Tina is a gleeful DIYer who delights in making useful things out of “junk” and “weeds,” living history buff, voracious reader of mythopoeic fiction, and incorrigible punster.

For more yet, check out the pages and links on this site.


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17 Responses to “About / Contact”

  1. Bruce Kunkel Says:

    Thanks for the invite. Will try to make the sing!!

  2. Katharine Says:

    Fabulous blog, Tina! I will add you to my blogroll.

  3. Cyndee Joncas (Rhiceneth) Says:

    Hi Tina,

    What a great blog/web-site. So great to read your posts and thoughts. Even though we only got to hang out for a little bit, you made an impression on my life! I’ll never forget the story you told us at the event where we slept outside on our airmattresses – Mary Culhaney with the dead man on her back!

    Thanks for being you!


  4. Shaun Phillips Says:

    Keep up the wonderful work!

  5. […] on 31 July 2010) Our “house caller” is the radi­ant Tina Fields. […]

  6. Tina Fields Says:

    (Facebook link/share)
    Daniel Foor – Earth Medicine Alliance:

    Happy to share a link here for one of our conference presenters Tina Fields. Her blog is full of all kinds of goodness and her background in ecopsych, wilderness education, song, ritual, dance, mask-making, and other earthy goodness. Yay!

  7. Delight, pure delight! Daniel Foor and I walked the length of the Ridge Trail on San Bruno Mountain today – and if I’d looked at the words for Power of Raven I’d have sung it all along the trail. Even though it was groups of crows, not ravens, that visited us several times as we walked, their shiny black presence was a joy. I loved your song, and unless you tell me that you’ve recorded it somewhere that it’s available for sale, this week-end at the Mountain Watch Board retreat, I’ll make up my approximation of what you sang at the Earth Medicine conference. THAT was pure delight, as well. Many thanks – Ginny

  8. Huberta Says:

    I really like your blog. It seems to me that you have many wise words to say and not afraid to speak aloud.

  9. Melissa Craig-Morse Says:

    Tina, I just spent the last two hours ravenously reading your blog. Dan suggested I visit there to get some ideas for starting up my own, and I couldn’t stop being amazed and delighted. WOW!! Brilliantly written, exuberant, funny, insightful, in short, I was amazed. I subscribed. Meanwhile I’m trying to figure how what “database name” and “ftp” mean . . . one little second at a time . . .

    • Tina Fields Says:

      Thank you so much, Melissa! And best of luck with your own. Yes indeed, one little bit at a time. I only intended to put up my contradance calling schedule, and look what happened.

  10. Mark Nallia Says:

    Looking for you out in the cosmos,how are you?

  11. Shawn Says:


    You might want to believe, then you might on the other hand you might know. I think you know.

  12. Sounds like you have an awesome life. I love the sound of EnChantMent 🙂

    • BrujaHa Says:

      Thank you, Lorna. Your words encourage me to start it up again here in Colorado, where I now live. Bright blessings to you in the new year.

  13. Watching the Paris Summit and it hit me like a shot… INDIGENIZE!!! I google it and I find your site… I am sending an arrow of love and respect from a drawn bow of heartfelt joy… So good to see your work! I am working in the land of The Peacemaker here in Albany N,Y in Mental Health to help traumatized people become “Real People”. If we have international movements to colonize, we must learn to Indigenize. I hope to stay in touch and follow your work.

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