Rekindle Your Wild Joy and Deep Belonging to the Earth

Arts October 24, 2009


Under various categories on this site, you can find such luscious artsy content as:

  • EVENT calendars of upcoming community dance &/or singing events you can participate in, plus performances & workshops (see up top)
  • images of my artwork, shamanic tools, and handmade objects
  • step-by-step how-to DIY repurposed projects
  • photography of gorgeous nature (& other subjects)
  • stories & poems
  • links to more creative folks
  • full texts of songs from many traditions, both spiritual and silly

More goodies continue to be added. Please keep checking back.

Thank you very much for visiting!


One Response to “Arts”

  1. jgavinbergstrom Says:

    Please don’t take my photograph (ha ha). Thank you so much, although I was little overwhelmed the poetry class online through wordpress was telling in some ways. The Haiku attempt went well and I did manage to create two double acrostics. But, Tina a great deal of anger oozed out into the writings that made me uncomfortable. So I stopped writing and considered the circumstances, I’m still uncomfortable with it. I realize we don’t know one another and apologize again for adopting your site for my thought processes. I am grateful and happy to say I have been accepted at a local University, which given all else is remarkable. You will (maybe) be happy to know I have reinitiated my plan for 10 raised beds in my yard and a return to a Natural Path for myself. It may take me a while; in the end it will be worth it. One more bit of good news? I found a job on a Golf Course, not a natural path as far as growth. But, some really great people and needed income. I keep my fingers crossed and keep looking forward, that’s all I can do.

    Wichi tai to
    Gavin, who is truly grateful for life, if not all of it’s scars.

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