Rekindle Your Wild Joy and Deep Belonging to the Earth

Published Essays October 24, 2009


In this section, you will find full essays on the topics of ecopsychology & consciousness, including spiritual intelligence, indigenous science, Celtic spirituality, animism, sustainability, and relationships with “nature.”

Many are longer than a typical blog post, which is why they’re housed here in this special section.

They have all been previously published elsewhere.
Some are funny, some poignant, some pointed.

Most of them were written for everybody.  Some were written specifically for an academic audience. You will quickly know if you’ve opened one of these – but even if you weren’t seeking that, don’t let it stop you: everything posted here is meant to be accessible to the educated general reader. The research papers may be scholarly, but they are not stuffy. One of my main goals for teaching in any form is to not be boring. William Irwin Thompson once called my academic work “a cross between scholarly and Dave Barry.”

Please click on the title that intrigues you, and enjoy!


Please also look in EVENTS for announcements of upcoming public speeches, workshops, and other offerings.


Under the other post categories,

you’ll find more. These include:

  • Photographs of, and stories about, gorgeous wild places and other-than-human beings
  • Short to medium-length essays on ecopsychological and spiritual-ecology topics, including animistic relationship with ‘nature,’ bioregional knowledge, perceptual shifting, shamanism & Celtic spirituality, and mystical experiences
  • DIY useful objects made from junk (including how-tos!)
  • Art & music & dance & stories & poetry
  • Well-informed, snarky rants on environmental topics
  • Links to other interesting folks on the web
  • Humorous writing

This site is slowly growing.  More goodies are yet to come.

Thank you for visiting.

Please keep checking back!


2 Responses to “Published Essays”

  1. Filiberto Brando Says:

    You my buddy are a genius.

  2. Eckardt Says:

    Very nice weblog!

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