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Dance and Music Resources May 19, 2013

This Resources page is intended for people anywhere who work with contradance and community “barn” dances. It also has begun to include some song resources at the end.

If you want to contra dance in the Boulder, CO area, see my Contra Calling page instead.

(I initially created this page because my email program wouldn’t properly upload an attachment to send on, damn its pixelly silicon eyes!  But perhaps that will turn out to be a blessing in disguise, ’cause now here this resource is.

Main Contradance Hookups

Dances – Links to Sites of Inestimable Wheeees

This section contains a slowly-growing resource list for other dance callers — links to great collections of dances you can call, and tips on how to do so well.

Contra dances by Individual Choreographers:

Sheet Music

This section is intended for paper-trained musicians with whom I will call a dance. Here you’ll find pdfs of sheet music that go with specific dances.

Singing Squares music

                    (Because they’re sung, these tunes are presented in my preferred keys)

Other Sung Dances  (also in my preferred keys)

Music for other dances with special tunes: Contras, Chestnuts, and Circle Dances, both sacred and fiery.

          (the key for the following can be transposed at will; it does not affect calling)

Other fabulous sheet music sources

Songs you can easily learn!!!

  • First must come a shout-out to – the most excellent site for song nerds to share lyrics & versions of lyrics, post questions for discussion, and more.
  • Anti-War Songs (a LOT, in many languages – 10, 566 in English alone)
  • Celtic song lyrics on DarachWeb
  • Goofy camp song favorites (with videos to learn them)
  • Gospel songs to sing with groups

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