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Mending Our Relations with the Natural World – Conference October 26, 2010

Missing earthy connection and ceremony in your life?  Consider coming to the Earth Medicine Alliance’s “Mending Our Relations with the Natural World” conference at the Unitarian Universalist Center (1187 Franklin St.) in San Francisco on November 6-7.

On Saturday afternoon, I will offer a presentation on “Bringing Earth Reverence into Everyday Life” in collaboration with my dear friend Maria Owl Gutierrez.

Description: “How can we take “reverence” beyond a mental concept and begin to place it at the core of our daily lives? Through stories, philosophy, and fun interactive exercises, we will explore practical ways to gain intimacy with ‘nature’ in body, mind, and spirit. Aspects include expanding our animal senses and animistic sensibilities, creating personal rituals and magical retreats that can restore our souls, and deliberately fostering intimate and reciprocally beneficial relationships with more-than-human relatives and the Sacred Web of Life. We’ll let sensual awareness, intellectual understanding, imagination, and gratitude guide our hearts and minds toward everyday respect and celebration.”

On Sunday, other folks are leading ceremonies outdoors, including two in SF and a Salmon Welcoming at Muir Beach.

The purpose of the conference is this: “In addition to consecrating a space for practitioners of diverse earth-honoring ways to share wisdom and make new connections with one another, the conference aims to deepen our understanding of and relationships with the land and natural powers of the San Francisco Bay Area.”

There are many multicultural offerings that range from spirituality of Native America, Africa, Asia and others to song and to clinical mental health. Registration is limited to 250 people, and the cost is quite reasonable at $50 for both days.

If you come because of this post, please be sure to tell me!


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  2. Tina Fields Says:

    (Facebook link)
    Kristi Collins:

    wish I could be there.

  3. Tina Fields Says:

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    Andrey Vinogradov:

    I live too far from the Bay…

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