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Last Dance (for awhile) in Santa Rosa July 14, 2011

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Soon I’ll be moving to Boulder, Colorado to begin teaching ecopsychology at Naropa University.

After having been here in Sebastopol, CA for seven years now, I’ve run the gamut of emotions about this huge impending life change, from the story entitled, “I’ll Just Apply for the Job and Then See What Happens…” to “Waah! I Don’t Want to Leave My Friends!!” to “How the Heck Did I Get Myself Into This?” (includes the sequel about moving, “OMG I Have A Lot of Books”) to “Wow, I Get to Teach Ecopsychology at Naropa!”

So many things have happened – if I get time, or feel like procrastinating from packing boxes, I may write about it.

For now, I just want to announce for those of you in the North Bay Area of CA that on Friday night I’ll be calling the Santa Rosa contra dance on Friday with my favorite band, StringFire – and beforehand, this sweet North Bay dance community is throwing me a farewell potluck. Come if you can for one last-for-now hug, twirl, tear.

Tina Fields holding a gigantic bouncing baby beet grown by Michael Martin, gardener extraordinaire

15 July · 18:00 – 19:00

Monroe Hall, 1400 W. College Ave, Santa Rosa

Created by:

For North Bay Country Dance Society (NBCDS)

More info
♥ “Fare-thee-well to Tina” Dinner Potluck ♥Friday July 15 – 6-7 pm
(just before the Santa Rosa contra dance)Monroe Hall, 1400 W. College Ave, Santa RosaCome say goodbye to our beloved Tina Fields – dancer, friend, caller extraordinaire and all around good egg!She is moving to Boulder, Colorado to accept a teaching position at Naropa University.Please bring a nice main course, salad, or appetizer dish to share.****Please RSVP to Emily with what you are bringing****Questions? Email Emily (ekshaul [at]

PS – Go green & bring your own utensils/plate.


14 Responses to “Last Dance (for awhile) in Santa Rosa”

  1. Marni Rachmiel Says:

    (Facebook link 27 June at 20:54)
    Wish i could! Thanks for the invite though. Naropa will be a wonderful experience – that we will actually talk about sometime soon! 🙂

  2. Jody Distler-Dill Says:

    (Facebook link 05 July) Sorry I will be running the Palo Alto English that night.

  3. Tina Fields Says:

    (Facebook link, 27 June) Oh wow, Em and Moira – I’m so touched! Thank you! It’s already so hard to leave you folks here, & this makes it even more poignant. I’ll call that night with lumps in my throat.

    • Moira Hill Says:

      (Facebook link, 27 June)
      Awww…we may have to have emergency guest callers standing by just in case – STAT!

  4. Ric Goldman Says:

    (Facebook link, 28 June)
    No sorry I can’t make this. Tina – all the best in your new adventures. Big hugs!

  5. Christine Gile Says:

    (Facebook link, 28 June)
    Safe travels and may many friends cross your path. Congrats on the new job!

  6. Alan Prince Winston Says:

    (Facebook link, 29 June)
    Wish I could make it. Chances of making it to Santa Rosa from the Peninsula by 6:00 pm on a Friday night are just nil, and I can’t take that day off to do it. Tina will be in my heart throughout.

    • Moira Hill Says:

      (Facebook link, 29 June)
      Well, hope you can make it for the dance – she’ll be calling and visiting at the break! 🙂

  7. Mary Kay Landon Says:

    (Facebook link, 3 July)
    Boo-hoo Tina, I’m really sorry to miss this, but please send me your new address once you’re settled. . .you must remain on my Christmas/Solstice/holiday card list!

  8. Kirk Keeler Says:

    (Facebook link, 6 July)
    I wish I could come say goodbye! Have a great evening and a smooth transition to Boulder!

  9. Moira Hill Says:

    (Facebook link, 6 July)
    Unfortunately, a family emergency has come up and I won’t be able to make it after all. So sorry to not be able to say farewell properly and give you a big hug. Wah! I’ll look you up in Boulder when I’m out visiting family. Have a wonderful time and “onward” to the next adventure! 🙂

  10. Sharon Green Says:

    (Facebook link, 7 July)
    Drat! I’m calling that night. Definitely fare-thee-well, happy Tina.

  11. Jens Dill Says:

    (Facebook link, 9 July)
    Can’t make it … Have to run the English Dance in Palo Alto. Good Faring, Tina!

  12. Sharyn Peterson Says:

    (Facebook link, 9 July)
    I wouldn’t miss it … but we will definitely miss YOU, Tina!

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