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I Want To Break Up With Winter March 2, 2014


Dear Winter,

Despite your many fine qualities, I’m sorry but I don’t think we are suitable as a long-term match.

I want to break up and start seeing other seasons, beginning with Spring.  (I’d ideally love to be with Summer, but s/he is currently unavailable.)

Please leave my home as soon as you can, and try to be a bit kinder to us in the meantime.

Thank you.



dear winter snow tent

Unexpected overnight snow in the southern Arizona desert. Several tents were totaled. –Photo by Tina Fields


Skiing accident á deux

Skiing accident á deux




10 Responses to “I Want To Break Up With Winter”

  1. Sandy Shea Says:

    love this…

  2. Meghan Wood (Facebook link) Says:

    Should’ve stayed in Cali, winter and I are finished!! Forever! I mean it! Somehow it always weasels back into my life, and after a short summer the smell of rain makes me nostalgic. But for now: forward to summer!

  3. Laura Sebastianelli (Facebook link) Says:

    I totally support you, TIna. Time to move on — winter really beat you up! Enough. May you be with Spring soon. xo

  4. Coleen O'Connell (Facebook link) Says:

    I am trying to break up with bed bugs. I don’t know which is worse.

  5. Robert Weeks (Facebook link) Says:

    Yes, Tina, come back to California. Then you would be begging for more winter because we need the precipitation so badly.

  6. Nancy Sorbets (Facebook link) Says:

    Yeah the bloom always fades after you move in with them! (Rocky Mountains… just sayin’…)

  7. Kitty Kaler (Facebook link) Says:

    But how could you let go of someone so cool?! Anyways, look who seems to have a foot out the door- at least in Boulder!

  8. Jas O'Coustic (Facebook link) Says:

    Having an affair with Spring in CA right now! :^) PS: Jack Frost = John Frost –> “Dear John” letter would be appropriate.

  9. Lane Tietgen (Facebook link) Says:

    But, he needs your warmth and can’t let go…

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