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It’s a wonderful day in the neighborhood September 18, 2013

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Look at this full-screen.

Really. It moved me to tears; perhaps it will you too.

What a beautiful planet we live in – our precious life-giving jewel, and this is a reminder that our whole world is only one small gem glinting amongst the universe’s vast, countless riches.

Please be kind to the people causing you small annoyances today. When we consider things on this scale, what does it matter if the waitress forgot to bring your mustard?



3 Responses to “It’s a wonderful day in the neighborhood”

  1. Chris Kermiet Says:

    Thanks for this post! Hope you’re on high ground.

    • BrujaHa Says:

      Thanks, Chris. Were we not both in Colorado, I might think you meant moral ground! Ha ha. Yes, I am fine and my place is dry. My elderly folks had to be evacuated, however, so they stayed with me for the past six days or so. Hope you have weathered all of this well yourself.

  2. Oh. My. Goodness.
    Beyond words, a speck in the starflight, we are soooo lucky.

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