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Happy New Year! January 2, 2012

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My resolutions are to dance, loaf, and not go on any diets.

This year, I’ve decided to be realistic.

Happy new year!  May it bring you much joy.


“Women in Rubber” – downeast Maine

(I’m the one with the ridiculous fanny pack.)


15 Responses to “Happy New Year!”

  1. Great photo~ now that’s dirty dancing ~:-)

    Yes, boo to diets and yah to vibrant succulent healthy lifestyles. I am exploring sprouting this month, soya bean waiting to be rinsed at the mo. Hi nutrition, low packaging and low carbon footprint~ my goal in 2012 is to continue creating a sustainable home environment.

    Happy new year!

  2. Adam Christensen (facebook link) Says:


  3. Andrey Vinogradov (facebook link) Says:

    diets suck

  4. Nicky Duenkel (facebook link) Says:

    our next skype call should be about how time for dancing and loafing are realistic — i need a role model! 🙂

  5. Adam Christensen (facebook link) Says:

    ‎”I loaf and invite my soul” – Walt Whitman. See, loafing is a good thing, praised by poets. Seriously, who’s gonna argue with Walt Whitman? Although suddenly I’m really hungry for a spicey vegetarian lentil loaf LOL!

  6. Anna F. Doherty (facebook link) Says:

    Yay Tina!

  7. Les Addison (facebook link) Says:

    that is an awesome set of resolutions!

  8. Adam Christensen (facebook link) Says:

    Cool photo Tina! The Bolinas Rockettes? 😉

    • Tina Fields Says:

      Adam, that was actually taken in downeast Maine!

      • Adam Christensen (facebook link) Says:

        At this point I think Bolinas is more a “vibe” than an actual “place” … but looks like fun! Rubber boots are huge in Maine. I checked out the LL Bean catalog. Some things never go out of style 😉

  9. Tina Empol (facebook link) Says:


  10. Jas O'Coustic (facebook link) Says:

    In other words, be the most excellent person that you already are.

  11. Lorraine Fish (facebook link) Says:

    I’m with you!!!

  12. Andrea Nettleton (facebook link) Says:

    Glad to hear the Sheik went down well! Woot!

  13. Carol King (facebook link) Says:

    I like those…mine are organization, Art, and enjoy but only at this moment. Who knows what they will be an hour from now.

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