Rekindle Your Wild Joy and Deep Belonging to the Earth

Papparazzi to the Sun February 8, 2011

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NASA has just released rich images of our first technodance around the full Sun. (I say it that way because some indigenous peoples say they’ve been traveling to the Sun and Moon shamanically for a long time already.)  Beautiful giver of life here, any way you fly.

Here’s Reuters’ 30-second video newsclip showing the Sun “in 3-D” (means, going all the way around for the first time). It begins with a funny moment in which the announcer reveals the breaking news that the sun is indeed round.

Check out NASA’s image of the Sun streaming winds and flares, which affect all life on Earth in subtle ways. Seen through this extreme ultraviolet mode of photography, at a glance, she could almost be mistaken for the Earth. And notice the temporary gas triskell in the middle?

Enjoy these!

And then please take a moment to go outside and turn your face toward this beautiful, warm being.

Just imagine, if the Sun suddenly left or died, what your remaining few seconds might be like – how cold, dark, terrifying. I can easily see why earlier peoples saw the sun as a god. Even according to the currently dominant scientific story, it is partially responsible for our creation and certainly for our ongoing existence. All good things here stem from its steady munificence.

Let your skin drink in some of the vitamin D the Sun brought to this millenia-long potluck, and give thanks for your life on this day.


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