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Cartoon History of Psychology June 1, 2010

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This is a paper I wrote in graduate school, believe it or not. The class was Western Personality Theories. It didn’t take me long to realize that this particular assignment, to show our understanding of one theorist, bored me to tears. So I asked if I could literally illustrate my understanding – which, after all, is a lot more work than cranking out a pure-text paper. I was fortunate: the professor was Carolyn Foster, one of the best. (See her current activities.) Her response was priceless, including:

“While my EGO was thinking “My doesn’t Tina understand Freud well, Isn’t she talented…” my ID was going, “OOH GOODY, FUN PICTURES, WHAT’S NEXT, HEE HEE… but my SUPEREGO was harping away: What would [the department chair] think of this? Is this OK for graduate level work?”

She ultimately concluded that it was, and even though it is not fully finished since the assignment deadline was set for the writing of ordinary mortal prose papers, I passed.

The scholars among you will have picked up on the bit in that narrative that’s most relevant to you: the piece that follows isn’t completely finished. If you want more, hey, clamoring has often worked. Especially when accompanied by chocolate, or a series-publishing offer.

If you have trouble reading it at this size, you can click on each page to enlarge it.

Hope you enjoy this serious academic paper. Ahem.


post-perspective April 5, 2010

Writing these posts about perspective is reminding me to attend, attend, attend.

The implications are so far-reaching.

Today’s example:  I like to read while eating, but today I’m realizing how insulting my lack of attention is to the beings whose bodies make this food; who gave their lives so that mine might continue. Also, this multitasking likely contributes to my being not so skinny, since when we’re unconsciously shoveling it in, we don’t notice we’re satisfied. And to top it off, I’m also not giving proper attention to the wonderful gift of words from the minds of my favorite writers.

So this afternoon, just now, I ate outside and put down my book. Instead, I felt the sun and looked at the clouds while smelling and tasting and feeling the textures of the good vegies and rice and tempeh and garlic pickle as I ate, feeling all of this invigorate me.

Lots of ‘ands’ here!

Wait, here’s one more: And as I was eating, this crazy bird kept looking at me from atop a nearby roof. Then she flew over and landed on the fence right by my head, peered down, and deliberately gazed into my eyes. I tell you, I doubt that would have happened were I still in the world of my book; and even if it had, I would not have noticed.

That moment felt like a gift; a pat on the head from the universe, training me.  Good girl! Nice job!

Meta-observation: I think I’m finally learning how to blog. Short is okay! Man, it’s rough overcoming the learned tyranny of academia, where everything must be perfect; never show anything until at least the third draft, etc. Some of the stuff I’ll post here will indeed be very well-thought-out; I care about craft and beauty. But it’s also very cool to just say something quickly, like a conversation with you, O mysterious one who is reading this now, in my future. (Twilight Zone music here.)

You’ll know the difference and will be able to find what you desire.

And everything will still be spelled right.